Monday, January 4, 2010


When President Johnson signed civil rights legislature into law, Democrats knew the possible political consequences. And those consequences (losing the south) still effect our political landscape today. I have to ask the question; "Was it the right thing to do considering the political suicide for the Democrats?" "Would any politician have the same righteous courage today to challenge a social injustice and do what is right for America in the face of personal sacrifice?"
The answer to the latter question decides whether homelessness will ever be truly addressed with a end solution or if economic bondage and social deprivation for a minority in our community is acceptable.
Tomorrow; reality in Dallas might be lead in a new direction of justice, integrity, humanity and righteousness but not today.
Maybe a few of you received an email asking for donations recently to help out out homeless. One I received in particular still causes me extreme depression and hopelessness. It's no fault of the agency but the environment in which they and most all agencies work within today.
According to The Bridge, it costs $700 per month to shelter 1 person. $700 for a foam mattress on top of a cement slab (for a majority of persons at The Bridge) for 30 days. In comparison, less than $600 per month for an apartment to end a persons suffering and according to all statistics, save a persons life.
What kind of City is willing to pay more money to ensure the continued economic bondage and social deprivation of its own people as oppose to paying less and saving human lives? I don't know what is to be human anymore after seeing this. I don't know what is God, what is Christian, what is a person anymore when a people are willing to pay a higher sum of monies to keep a cloud of death and desperation over other humans in their own community.
Go to church, go to temple or mosque. What religion teaches something so abhorrent? What political theory teaches such an acceptance?
For the last decade I have given and fought for our citizens without homes and I saw many miracles as well as many tragedies but after seeing this, I can no longer believe God is in Dallas or any part therein. If I am wrong and God is in Dallas and this is what He creates within His people, I renounce Him. And if this, my community (since 1964) believes is acceptable. I give it to the devil to have his way.
In any case, this is my last and final blog and act on behalf of the less fortunate. There is no chance of true success in such an environment. I'm certain you will see and hear of fabled successes but that is exactly what most are. And as Dallas nears its failure to live up to their promise to the least fortunate (ten year plan) certainly you will also see the blame being directed here and there to deflect from the real culprit; "each one of us."