Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Forward

I've had some really good news lately. First, my S.S.D.I. has been approved and I only need to live on the streets for another 60 - 70 days till my first benefit check arrives. People have been contacting me and making some great offers until that time, but I'm certain I will be living outside of Dallas due to the cost of living.
Friends of mine from the past and organizations have contacted me and we hope something will come from meetings being held in the future that can directly benefit our homeless.
I still believe that not only should advocates have a voice concerning homelessness, but that we (the general public) should be able to hear from our citizens without homes, free from any outside influence or threat of retaliation.
I'm really looking forward to be able to advocate for our people without any strings attached. It's been 3 long years since I've been hog tied. I look forward to attending the City Council meetings and Commissioners meetings again. I look forward to working with other advocates and officially putting together a "Bill of Rights" for individuals without homes.
In the meantime, patience and survive. Much can happen in 60 -70 days.

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