Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only if I knew

If I knew I was going to get 25% more income being disabled than what I was toiling for in the workplace, I would've had a pacemaker put in 10 years ago.
If I knew life would give me a bowl of cherries with over-sized pits, I would've taken better care of my teeth.
If I knew every vote really counted in Florida but not the other 49 states, I would be living homeless in the Key's right now.
If I knew government bailout monies are given only to corporate people who do a lousy job, I would've finished college to be an A.I.G. Executive.
If I knew homeless people in Dallas don't have the right to have a home (NIMBYism), I would've started a cardboard box business.
If I knew it would be illegal to show compassion by giving food to another human being who was homeless, I would've spent more time doing outreach in Dallas City Hall than out in the streets.
Only if I knew.

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