Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Cycle

Michael showed up at our site yesterday. We call him the "hillbilly Santa Claus" because he hardly ever wears shoes and looks alot like a mall Santa. He and his brother had been staying in a trailer the last 3 months but are back on the streets again. I spoke with Eric (20 year vet) and he'll be back to our site on Monday after a short visit to his family.
This is the cycle of homelessness that is only broken when income/support is greater than the cost of living. According to all reports, personal income has fallen for the first time in 18 years. Also, Seniors Citizens will not get a cost of living raise from the S.S.A. for the first time in 35 years. Meanwhile, the Fair Market Value for renters ($600 for a 1 bedroom apartment) has virtually remained the same.
Having any chance to end homelessness, Government must close the front door to homelessness while agencies can open the backdoor helping individuals out of homelessness. If our President calls us to National Volunteer Service, which I strongly believe in and have served in Americorp myself, than Government should to be held accountable to live up to its responsibilities. If the sanctity of human life does not guide government policy and process, than democracy and freedom is in jeopardy for all.
The death rate for our homeless stands at .008% yearly. Dallas County, this amounts to an average of 46 dead every year. In the U.S., reguardless of government claims, the amount is 20,000 deaths yearly, while homeless.
Death toll for this year stands at: 15,890

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