Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cloudy with some sunshine ahead

First I wish to thank everyone for their overwhelming and generous response.
I was up in Boston some years ago for a conferance on homelessness. A homeless gentleman from New York came up to me and said something which struck a chord with me. He stated that he wasn't very intelligent, but that he did have a PHD in streetology.
Today, I believe I can make the same statement and certainly with experience can survive the inhumanity of homelessness better than most. That being said, I only ask for your prayers that I am given the courage to live homeless in the manner as my blog title suggest. That I'm given the courage to face status qou and challenge the inhumanity of homelessness. That suffering will not be in vain and that our Government will recognize that just because a person becomes disabled in America, that this is not a cause for social injustice and to be thrown out into streets, but instead an opportunity to excercise a moral commitment to assist and even protect the less fortunate and vulnerable.
Today over 722,000 people are either homeless or are facing homelessness for one reason and one reason only. These people became disabled.
Today was a cloudy day. Normally I would have been paid $32 to sit and drive cars for 2 hours but unfortunately it seems the Day Labor company is having some financial programs. Hopefully the $32 will be available tomarrow. For the last month I have learn to budget and survive on $64 per week. This takes care of my food, gas for my Van, cell phone and so on.
Homelessness always seems to have far more cloudy days than those filled with sunshine. It wears on a person hope and faith. Still, it is a profound realization for most that survival while homeless is far more dependent on God, than self. No door to lock, alarm to set, no refrig to get that midnight snack, no dreams. Just survive for the moment and hope maybe you will be able to get to the next moment. That is homeless daily grind.
I have been able to get into a social network with some other homeless. Eric is a 20 year veteran and served in both Gulf wars and in Afganistan. Then there is Steve, a former truck driver and today is trying to survive on his unemployment. More about them and others in my next blog.

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