Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go away.

The moisture creeps into everything. Clothing, shoes, sleeping gear and even into your bones. There is nothing more damaging to us homeless than a cold continuous rain. It saps your hope as you sit minute by minute watching, waiting for the moment it is safe to travel out. Can't watch T.V., surf the Internet, doodle around the house and one can only sleep so much. Rain gives life but takes so much away when your homeless. Cold rain brings a whole new meaning to "cabin fever". Nothing much to do but sit in your desperation and think about how you got to this point. Wonder why and what great sin against humanity did you commit to be convicted and sentenced to a life of despair. To a life in which you are no longer branded as a person, but instead you are now defined as "homeless", which according to perception, unworthy to be treated with dignity. Unworthy to be a neighbor. Unworthy to sit in any pew. Unworthy to be seen.
Go away rain. You take away as much as you give when your homeless.

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