Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to move once again

The sharp banging on the windshield happened at 2:30 AM this morning. I knew in the back of my mind what was to come as I crawled out of my warm sleeping bag. Throwing on some extra clothes to ward off the chill, I peered through the window and sure enough it was the police.
Opening the door, a manager from the Flying J Truck Stop notified me that; "Homesteading was not allowed. We must ask you to leave now."
I am thankful for the short time there. Truck stops offer conveniences such as showers. This is the 3rd move so far. A game of cat and mouse. With the holiday seasons around the corner, typically the hunt for us immorally flawed human beings begin. It is the season of the "police sweeps". You may wonder why the Grinch always comes to visit the least fortunate at this time every year, but it's easy to understand when homelessness around the country gets most of its' media attention during the holiday seasons. Hide the homeless, drive them out, lock them up, whatever it takes to make the City look good before the publics' eye. That is a City Manager mandate!
I don't blame the officers, although a few enjoy bullying the homeless around. Most though are truly remarkable people following unremarkable orders.
Out on the streets, moving and moving again is the norm. For me its easier this time around. Start the van and go. I'll find a new place as always, hopefully away from the eyes which seek to track and hunt me down for the sake of a City's reputation.
As for my friends, I must warn them of what is coming. The Grinch has come back to Dallas.

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