Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To live with dignity and suffer with grace

It's been a while since I was homeless and after having a pace-maker implanted on July 2 along with the mirad of other medical issues (over $300,000 in med bills since 6/08) well, here I am again but this time going through a battle to get my Social Security Disability benefits.
You see, according to the Social Security Administration, over 722,000 individuals are in the appeal process after having been denied during the application process. The application process takes upwards to 6 months and than the appeal process again according to the Social Security Administration takes an average of 491 days thereafter. In otherwords, individuals who are unfortunate to suffer a disability have a 85% chance of being denied the first time around and after hiring a lawyer for the appeal process must wait a total of 22 months to receive benefits.
I don't know of many people with 22 months of savings to keep their housing and since the S.S.A. warns you not to work during the process, I now understand why there are over 300,000 disabled (chronic homeless) Americans without homes and are inhumanely degraded down to live on the streets of America.
After years of research and advocating, it never dawned on me that the root cause of "chronic homelessness" can be directly tied to the greatest socialistic program in our nation. A program designed to help both retirees and the least fortunate among us.
I am blessed this time around as I have a vehicle to live in. I am also able to get food and have not used any of my fellow Americans tax-dollars getting services while I wait. I am certain as my health continues to decline that the latter will change. I haven't completely lost my sense of security as I did the first time but a profound lost stirs everyday in my spirit. That is the opportunity to live with dignity and to suffer with grace. Homelessness does not afford either.


  1. Hi James:
    Greetings from the SoupMan. Thanks for inviting me to view your blog. Did I read it correctly.

    Are you living in your car now???

    David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan

  2. My dear friend! I had no idea you were going through so many health issues! You KNOW you ALWAYS have a place with us, if you need it!


  3. Although I have known you a short while, I hope that you know you can always stay with us. However, I know enough about missions and how they are served, to know that you will decline for the mission even though it causes harm to self. However, know I am following and whatever I have and any resources I can offer are here for you.