Saturday, December 12, 2009

Truth versus compassion

I know there are those out there who would want me to tell the whole truth about homelessness in Dallas. I cannot because I know that there would be such a fallout, the collateral damage would affect to many good people. I worry about the single mom receptionist providing for her 2 children and how she would be affected. Because as we all know, expose the top of the echelon and the bottom suffers as well.
But there are somethings the general public deserve and need to hear. In 2002 while I was in Americorp, I was assigned to do research on the amount of monies being used to address homelessness in Dallas. Paula (another Americorp assigned to help with the formation of MDHA) assisted. We were given access to information not available to the public. Faith base organizations do not have to report any monies to the government or to the public. 2/3rds of the way through the project, we had reached the 60 million dollar mark. I notified then the chair of the MDHA and it was decided to end the project because of the possible backlash from the community due to the fact millions were being wasted. I have no doubt the number is in the 80 million dollar range today.
$80,000,000/homeless population 5,800 equates to over $13,300 PER INDIVIDUAL.
Are we really ending homelessness or building a mammoth industry on the backs of the suffering?
I give this information to the Dallas community because it is your monies and your charity being abused. It is also your choice whether or not to hold people accountable.
Conclusion: since that study 1/2 billion dollars has pured into ending homelessness and we are still (population wise) at the same place.

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