Friday, December 11, 2009

Why would anyone care?

Question: Why care about people you don't know? Why care about that neighbor you have never met? Why care about that child you don't know getting an inadequate education due to lack of funding for quality teachers and material? Why care about that dirty, grungy man standing on the street corner asking for money? Why care at all about anything that doesn't directly effect your dinner time meal? A even more important question: Why even try to do anything about it?
The DMN News has done a more than adequate job showing that ending homelessness is economically beneficial for our community. If that neighbor up the street loses their job and has to put his house on the market and than another and another, your value in your house goes into the tank. Having a proper education means a stronger economy for all Americans while having a uneducated population burdens any economy.
If helping other Americans in fact not only benefits you personally economically but also enlightens society, than what's the problem?
Never mind the historical inevitable social unrest that comes when societies stop caring about each other and focus completely on self. Never mind the fact that uncaring societies lose their freedom and fall to Fascist/Communistic forms of rule. Never mind that what we do today decides the type of reality our children will have to be burden with tomorrow.
Today we blame everyone we can point our little finger at for the recession except ourselves.
Helping our fellow Americans helps not only America but ourselves.
So why is America so bent on committing suicide?
Long before any economic and national collapse comes, you can finger one harsh truth; We stopped caring about one another.

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