Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fellow Americans

I learned a long time ago in advocacy, that putting yourself out there for others vocally means also putting a target on your back and that is o.k. ( it still hurts but that goes with the territory)
While recently there was a "blog" about me, what really matters is that the issue of homelessness was discussed and regardless, that is the most important part. Any discussion is a good discussion whether it is mean spirited or not. Challenging both our society and political norms means you have to be willing to take a few bullets. Questioning, complaining, promoting is American. Letting people vent their personal views shows the challenges ahead. Human life is a hot topic (as evidence by the number of comments). Yes, I could be quiet as many would perfer or I can take what goes with vocal advocacy and make a differance in maybe one persons' life.

I think I'll chose the latter. Homeless people have thick skin or atleast have learned to deal with many different viewpoints and then move back on to survival.
I thank all for their comments and hope the discussion continues as I have a very good target which people can shoot at if needed. lol

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