Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Man cannot live on bread alone unless it's on the dollar menu

Big Texas cheeseburger, two tacos, double cheeseburger, etc... These are a few of the items which keep our homeless from starving. The dollar menu at the fast food chains are a Godsend for the hungry. Never thought I would be saying that, as I never really cared about fast food after having a child and having multiple battle of wills with him every time we past a McDonald's (He normally won and got his Happy Meal), but under current circumstances I'm the happy person whenever I can walk into one of these chains and order something from the dollar menu for my daily meal. My Big Texas Cheeseburger was as satisfying today as the $100 dinner (Steak & Lobster) at the Palm Restaurant was decade ago when I could afford it.
It's hard and very humbling to look back and see what I took for granted and not really understanding what I should have been thankful for.
As my veteran friend Eric says; he has a box full of medals he earned during his 20 years of service and what good are they doing him today while living in a parking lot. He would better off auctioning them on EBay for the necessities of survival.
That is what being homeless does. It brings you down to the basics of reality. Reality that survival for another day is the best blessing of all and of course the Dollar Menu.

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  1. Hi James!

    I have reading your blog entries today. You are such an excellent writer. I was somehow unaware of the restrictions that have put on the homeless, here in Dallas. Reading you blog has been painful and very enlightening. Anything I could possibly say, just seems so very weak. I shall look forward to your entries. I have very meager resources, but it seems to me, everyone should do something.

    Thank you,