Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poverty saves lives

Today was plasma day. Go to any plasma center in Dallas or across our country and you will see the lines of unemployed, under-employed, homeless and poor waiting hours to sell their plasma and receive $25 just to survive another day. But isn't that really the dirty little secret in our nation. The poor have always been victimized in many different ways to benefit the economically advantaged. Homelessness is a 8 billion dollar business. That equates to $4,000 per homeless individual (2 million homeless) for the economy. One would think that $4,000 per person would be used to end homelessness but then what would we do with those who would be unemployed because we ended this National travesty.
Now we say we care but the numbers just don't add up. Over the last ten years according to FBI statistics, homeless Americans are attacked due to their economic situation 10 times more than all the other populations combined who are protected under Hate Crime legislature. (Over 200 homeless attacked or killed) We care, but won't even protect our most vulnerable population with equal justice. No wonder the line of acceptable behavior in America has virtually disappeared. If we turn our backs on saving human life (which ending homelessness achieves) than what does righteousness, moral action and compassion really mean anymore.
It just isn't political advantageous to truly put country first. Nice tag line for a pipe dream, but reality is that kind of political courageous leadership ended after L.B.J. signed the civil rights bill and the democratic party paid dearly for doing what was the right thing to do.
Saving human life looks good on a resume but doesn't pay the mortagage or garnish votes.

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